Superfoods for superb brain health!

With Rose Reisman on eating to age well

Do you ever wonder how to age well and keep your brain health optimal? These questions and more will be answered as you learn key tips for eating healthier and enriching your body, mind, and soul with Rose Reisman. This free webinar will focus on diet, healthy eating, and how the two can effect brain health and other health concerns — especially as we age.

A registered nutritional consultant armed with an MBA, Rose is committed to changing the eating habits of Canadians and teaching people how to eat according to Canada's new food guide.

She is also an award-winning entrepreneur, caterer and author.  Her passion for healthy living has made her one of Canada’s leading authorities on the art of eating and living well. 

During this webinar, Rose will discuss:

  • The importance of brain health
  • Controllable and uncontrollable risk factors
  • Brain boosting foods
  • Mediterranean food guide and Canada’s food guide
  • Mind Diet and Dash Diet
  • Superfoods
  • Effects of alcohol and smoking
  • Social activity and its impacts
  • Benefits of challenging your brain

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