Goodbye Clutter — Hello Harmony!

Declutter with ease: Free webinar recording with a Certified Relocation and Transition Specialist!

Declutter and discover a brighter, lighter you with this free webinar! Hosted by certified relocation and transition specialist Gay Douglas, we’ll discuss techniques to declutter, what you’re giving away, and the personal gains you can make in the process.

Gay works at Trustworthy Transitions, where she helps seniors and their families sort through their things to find the possessions that will speak to them now and in the future. For those with a new home in mind, she also helps with moving solutions.

During this webinar, Gay will discuss:

  • Why we can’t let go of things
  • The downsides of clutter
  • Detangling emotions from our possessions
  • What to do with the stuff you no longer need
  • What happens after you part with your belongings
  • How to easing the transition from one home to another
  • It’s not moving day, it’s the days leading up
  • Move management, decision support, stress relief, and peace of mind
  • Discovering a new possible self

Everyone who registers will receive a free recording of the webinar and our exclusive downsizing guide!

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