Talking to loved ones about senior living

Learn practical tips from gerontologist Janice Goldmintz

It’s time for your loved one to consider senior living, but you’re not sure how to open the conversation in a positive and constructive way. In this webinar, gerontologist Janice Goldmintz will be giving practical advice to help you have an open and positive conversation with your loved one.

Janice has post-graduate qualifications in gerontology and elder family conferencing, is an author and presenter on aging and generational transition challenges, is a Jack Canfield Success Principles trainer, and is the president of Talk About Aging, focused on educating and coaching to clients to achieve the “highest quality of life, any age, any stage.”

In this webinar, Janice will discuss:

  • 5 strategies for successful conversations
  • Why these conversations are important
  • How to get ready to talk
  • What made you decide to talk to your loved one and what does it mean?

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