I think my parents need more help.

Are you concerned about your parents well-being and safety as they age? Do you have questions and doubts about moving them into retirement living? This webinar is for you.

Let’s face it – the idea of helping our parents (or being the decision maker) to transition them out of their familial home can be overwhelming. It’s a significant life change for everyone, and you want to be set yourself and your parents up for success right from the start.

Please join us for a special presentation by best-selling author Deborah Bakti as she shares her personal experience as a family member while she worked in Seniors Care. She blends her personal and professional experience to share:

  • How to position yourself as a guide for your parents
  • Questions to support your role and decision making
  • Explore the beliefs, assumptions and emotions that can help you manage this life change with more ease and comfort
  • The Expectations Gap and how to get clear with what to expect


headshot_Deborah Bakti worked as an executive in seniors’ care for 11 years, and during that time she became a resident’s family member three times, with her husband, mom, and dad. 

Those life changing experiences inspired her to leave her corporate career in 2017 so she could focus on helping seniors care homes and residents families relate, appreciate and help each other as partners in care. After all, they have the same goal in mind - quality of life and care for their loved one and resident. 

Deborah’s the author of two books RECIPE for Empathy and Now What? which are playbooks for both care team members and families to be more intentional and relational in this key relationship - and create moments that matter. 


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