The Science of Mindfulness in Nature

What is Mindfulness in Nature?

Spending time in nature, in a mindful way, is making its way into health and wellness practices worldwide. The joy and benefits of taking a slow walk where wild things grow, is a simple antidote for our nature-deprived lives.

In this webinar you will learn about forest bathing; understand the concept; gain insight to the nuances of the practice; and discover the plethora of scientifically proven benefits. It is a simple, straight-forward, safe, inexpensive, and highly effective way to nurture your mind and body. We will indulge in a filmed ten minute walk in the forests of the Canadian Shield with a certified Forest Therapy Guide.

Lead by certified guide, Taimi Post will go over:
• The Concept
• The Practice
• The Benefits
• 10-Minute Virtual Walk

About the speaker: Taimi Post has worked in the senior living and care sector for her entire career of over 35 years. Realizing the need for self-care and wellness, she turned to nature. This passion led her to the science of mindfulness in nature.

She became certified as a guide and has been supporting seniors and staff for five years with this practice, developing in-person and virtual experiences.

She hosts day retreats on her 400 acre property, located in Ontario, in the Canadian Shield region.

She also films and photographs guided nature walks as she wanders the forests, fields and waters. Participants find that they feel connected, refreshed, creative, less anxious and have better sleep after spending time in nature with Taimi.


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