Tips on Resilient Aging

As many of our wise parents used to say, “Aging ain’t for sissies!” Research into aging well recommends alternatives to rusting out. We will explore how to continue to live vibrantly while accepting that getting older is inevitable. Be prepared for reality, possibilities, and some cornball fun!

During this webinar, Patricia will cover:

1. Caring for Your Vintage Body. You’ll happily live longer.
2. Being Kind to Your Mind. Your neurons will stay active and connected.
3. Hanging out with Younger & Older. You’ll avoid risky social isolation.
4. Binging on Gratitude! Your days will be filled with blessings.
5. Lightening UP! You will see your health improve. Smile, laugh, and skip...if you can!

Patricia Morgan is often referred to as a Spunky Senior. With a master’s degree in clinical psychology, she provides bite-sized nuggets of insight that has helped many people emerge stronger after facing unthinkable challenge.


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