Wisdom Found in Nature with Taimi Post

Throughout the centuries, philosophers, politicians, spiritual leaders, musicians, naturalists, artists, scientists, and many other creative minds have promoted the healing power of nature.

We will take a quick look at the influence of these thought leaders and the timeless wisdom that they have shared. Modern research is focusing in on the effects of time spent in nature, with many studies demonstrating several benefits. We will answer the query of why nature is so good for us.

Discover for yourself nature’s power of bringing good health and happiness to your life. Experience a twenty minute virtual wander through the forest as we mindfully find our way, noticing the fauna and flora, enlivening our senses.

In this webinar, Taimi will cover:

  • Thought leaders and their work
  • Scientific research updates
  • A 20-minute virtual walk
  • Wisdom found in nature

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